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Client Discussion

No matter in which field you work, if you contract with clients you need to maintain a professional approach and conduct at all times that’s what ODC do for the best result. This contains not just what you say, but how you deal, conduct and say. Client discussion without the right skill and professional courtesy could end up losing business for your company.

First and foremost action of our company is to discuss the requirements of their software applications. We discuss with the clients about each page and the contents that they wanted to be there.  The company decides to have weekly breakfast or lunch and brainstorming sessions with the clients.


The framework recognizes the importance of our investment in software development systems by dividing it into several small parts of our data, giving us self-service reporting and analytics tools, and opening up our investment data to all stakeholders.


We work with our customers for finding the ways and hence the framework, to increase the value to their systems software by using that investment data more efficiently. Therefore framework of centralized, structured investment is the initial point for effective software development.


We work on software design that is the process of implementing software solutions to one or more sets of requirements. One of the major components of software design is the software requirements analysis (SRA) that what our developer use. SRA is an integrated part of the software designing and development procedure. It lists specifications used in software engineering.

The main dissimilarly between software designing and analysis is that the output of a software analysis consists of modules of problems to solve. Moreover, the analysis should not be designed very differently.


An appropriate way of development methodology is one of the basic requirements of receiving high-quality software. Depending on project objective, difficulty level, and customer specific requirements we select the most suitable procedure to deliver faster and improved results.

The transition has hands-on experience in working with a variety of established proven methods. We also go through the methodological recommendations for a specific project based on ideas and principles


Software testing is a method of implementing a code or application with the target of finding out the software bugs. It can also be explained as the process of validating and verifying a software statements or application or product.

Establishing over a few years ago, our Software Testing and QA department is an independent division. Our customer’s requirement can be overlooked deeply. And hence we complete the project within the deadline.


ODC (Online Digital Care) is India based software producing as well as outsourcing company whose centric point is on highly qualitative, timely delivered and cost-effective offshore innovative software development. With a rich and varied experience in providing offshore software development and project management capabilities and stringent quality standards guarantee us to develop software that gives your production an edge over your opponent. Our global software outsourcing model makes sure we deliver maximum targeted output to you according to your requirements.

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